Beautiful Scars Project

Evidence from Australian studies suggest that 6-8% of young people aged 15-24 years engage in self-harm in any 12-month period. Lifetime prevalence rates are higher, with 17% of Australian females and 12% of males aged 15-19 years, and 24% of females and 18% of males aged 20-24 years reporting self-harm at some point in their life. The mean age of onset is approximately 17 years.

Designed to help rebuild self-confidence and cover embarrassing scars of self-harm survivors, The Beautiful Scars Project is an initiative by Flesh and Colour Mobile Tattoo Studio, offering selected survivors either free or heavily reduced priced tattoos to cover their scars**.

To be considered for The Beautiful Scars Project, you must be:
1. a Cairns resident over the age of 18, and
2. have stopped self-harming for more than 1 year, and
3. can e-mail your story of over coming self-harm and a photo of yourself and scars to , and
4. an idea you may be interested in getting tattooed***.

*Terms and Conditions do apply - enquirer within.
**Only candidates that are deemed by artist, to meet the criteria will be considered and contacted.
***Please note, your artist will have the final say in design selection, appropriate to cover your tattoo.

If you need help, or know of someone that needs help, get in touch with them and visit Beyond Blue and Head Space for guidance and help.


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What People Say

Taylor Van Dydke

Rhiannon tattooed my heavily scared forearm with a lioness as part of the Beautiful Scars Project. It represents a new chapter of my life and one that allows me the opportunity to get a nursing job when I finish uni, without having nursing patients seeing trauma, they will see art. Rhiannon was kind and friendly and she done such a good job with the scars on my arm. I know it wasn't easy as many of those scars are big and raised high off the skin.

Evangeline Strutt

I was a self harmer for most of my teenage and early adult life. Consequently I was left with some scars from that. Rhiannon kindly tattooed my arm to cover some of my scars free of charge as part of the Beautiful Scars Project, whereby she allows sufferers like myself to deal with our past and more forward onto a brighter future. Beautiful artist and studio, Will be back in the future

Fiona Baylis

Rhiannon did a fantastic cover up for some scars that I had on my thigh. Lovely artist and studio, very professional. Highly recommend this lovely lady . The at home studio just makes you feel so comfortable.