Eyebrow cosmetic tattooing can be used to help enhance light eyebrows, reshape over plucked and scarred eyebrows or to achieve a better shape to suit the face. A full consultation ensures that all of the clients needs are met, as well as the right choices are made in terms of technique, colour and shape with the complexion and facial features and desired result in mind.

Eyebrow Tattooing Methods:

Feathering- Hair Stroke Simulation – 3D Brows

3D eye brow tattooing is probably the most popular technique used. Hair strokes are tattooed, in the same way as natural brow hairs grow to achieve a fuller more defined look. Due to its delicate nature, usually a few sittings are required to achieve depth and the finished look.

Block – Solid shape and colour

The block technique is usually used where a customer has a preexisting tattoo that can only be concealed by a total block. Some customers also prefer the solid look as it may suit their look or style.

Shading- Powder Finish

The shading technique is another commonly used technique. It heals semi opaque with blurred outlines to give a soft finish. A great way to add subtle depth and adjust eyebrow shape.

Eyebrow Tattoo Benefits:

  • Enhancement of colour to best suit complexion.

  • Correction of shape to help boost facial structure.

  • Re-defines the eye area resulting in an instant eye-lift.

  • Fills in gaps caused by scarring or over plucking.


Sexy Eyebrows

Enchanting Eyeliner


Eyeliner tattoo is used to shape, define, lift and enhance the eye. Uneven shaped/small/pale eyes can benefit from eyeliner tattooing. A tapered line is drawn along the upper or lower eyelid, some times from the inner corners to the outer edge or midway across the lid to the outer edges. Eyeliner tattoo is very intricate with beautiful results.

Eye Liner Tattoo Methods:

A few different methods can be used to enhance the eyes. A lashline finish is usually used for subtle enhancements. This is when we intricately draw a thin line amongst the eyelashes to give an illusion of thick lashes at the same time as defining the shape. Lashline tattooing usually yields very natural look. Another approach would be a more tapered and winged eyeliner. This look is more prominent and recommend for those who are daily make up wearers, the winged and tapered line is perfect for an instant eye lift!

Eyeliner Benefits:

  • No smudging or smearing

  • Great for hay fever sufferers

  • Can be as subtle or dramatic as desired

  • Wake up with perfect eyes every morning

  • Great for contact lens wearers or those who wear glasses.


Luscious Lips

Cosmetic lip tattoo is a great way to reshape/define and enhance lips. Pigment can be restored for those who have lost pigment through sun damage, injury or medical problems. Lips can be reshaped for uneven shaped or thin lips. Colour can be returned to pale lips. There are a few different techniques of Cosmetic lip enhancing tattoos.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Methods

Lips can be tattooed in many ways. Some prefer just a lip line to define the lips and add volume. This is done by lining the lip just like a lip liner pencil. Others opt for a Lip blend tattoo, this is when we create a lip line and blend it into the lip creating an ombre finish, this usually results in a very natural finish. We can also tattoo the full lips to add colour and stain to the lip, this is great for those who have pale lips, or those who love colour on their lips. Lip tattoos can last anywhere from 18 months to 18 years! Most clients opt for a touch up refresher within 24-36 months. Longevity is dependent on life style, skin type and daily skin routine.

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing Benefits:

  •  Waterproof colour 24/7!

  •  No Smudges.

  •  No Teeth Stains.

  •  No smokers line leaks


Nipple Reconstruction Tattoo

Nipple Reconstruction Tattoo

Breast cancer is very close to our technicians heart and one of the main reasons she decided to work in the field. The pain having to go through mastectomy, reconstruction and treatment is difficult enough being reminded of it every single time you look in the mirror is also hard. The very talented, Rhiannon, works closely with patients, discussing options, colour, shape and positioning to recreate what has been lost.

Usually two sessions are required to achieve optimum results with the 3D tattoo. This is mainly because, most of our patients have also endured radiotherapy which heavily effects the skins elasticity which in turn affects the skins’ ability to retain pigment.

Before and After