Brow Treatments


Perfectly paired treatments and products to match. Treat yourself with one of our tailored packages, your route to perfect brows – all in one go! Our Dream Brows package includes a brow shape and tint. Brow Rescue is a nourishing package includes a Brow Shape.



Our tinting treatments are designed to enhance and give further definition to eyebrows and eyelashes by adding permanent colour to the hair. The base and tips of the hairs are often fairer, even on clients with dark hair, so tinting them darker gives the illusion of extra thickness and length. There are 4 shades to choose from and blondes often go for a Blue Black for a more dramatic look. Otherwise a shade slightly darker is what we would recommend.


Lash Treatments

Define your eyes natural beauty with a lash lift and curl. Ideal for lifting long lashes or curling straight lashes. 

Dream Lash Lift - Achieve dream lashes with our lift. Designed to make lashes appear longer, eyes appear wider for up to 6 weeks. The Dream Lash Lift creates a J shaped curl. 

Dream Lash Curl - Lashes appear fuller and longer for up to 6 weeks with a eyelash curl. The curl creates a C shape so no need for eyelash curlers.

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