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General Cosmetic Tattoo FAQs

Is Cosmetic Tattooing the same as body tattoos?

Essentially they are the same in the essence that they both puncture the skin and deposit pigment resulting in a “permanent tattoo.” But the method of deposit and depth of colour implanted do differ. Machines used are usually different to allow for more of a shallow pigment deposit. Cosmetic tattoos usually do not penetrate the skin as deep as body tattoos and colours used are usually more tailored to the face.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing painful?

There is some pain involved in cosmetic tattooing but it can be controlled. The level of pain felt does depend on the individual’s pain threshold. Topical anesthetic is used for eyebrow and eyeliners and these usually help null or soften the pain. For lip procedures, more pain is involved. The result far outweighs the discomfort. Everyone has a different level of tolerance for pain. Some feel it more than others. Some clients take pain-relieving tablets prior to the procedure.

How permanent is Cosmetic Tattooing?

This is a very common question and one that is not easy to answer! Cosmetic tattoos generally last between 1-3 years however there have been cases where cosmetic tattoos have lasted for more than 20 years. So if you are considering a cosmetic tattoo under the misconception that it’s only temporary; then think again. The permanence of a cosmetic tattoo depends on many factors; individuals skin type, medical conditions, colours used, etc. Colours do fade over time, and we usually recommend a touch-up every 2-3 years. Should you return within the first 2 years a 40% discount will apply to your touch up.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing Safe?

We ensure all of our equipment is 100% sterile. Most parts of the equipment used are disposable and prior to use you can view them in their original sterile packaging. We then carefully dispose of all of the disposable parts. Other non-disposable equipment and materials used have been sterilized. It is up to the client to take care of the treated area appropriately post treatment to ensure the area is kept sterile and clean.

How do I choose a colour for my cosmetic tattoo?

We usually do recommend bringing in with you the colours that you usually wear on a day-to-day basis. We take your skin tone and desired result into consideration prior to choosing a colour and we try our very best to match your chosen shade. It is important that you are aware that colours do change post implantation. One same colour can be used on 20 individuals with all twenty resulting in different colours. This is due to the fact that many different things such as the following can affect the final colour; – Client’s skin undertones – Medication and medical conditions – Skin care products used – Sun exposure – Acidic based products – Skins cellular composition – Failure to adhere to provided aftercare instructions. Immediately after the treatment the colour will be brighter, deeper and more vibrant than the desired colour (also remember that the skin has been scratched too). Up to 60% of pigment can be lost within the healing period. As the skin heals, the colour will become softer and lighter. We recommend to wait at least 6 weeks before judging the colour. The colour tweaking can be addressed in your adjustment appointment 6-8 weeks post treatment.

What should I consider prior to the procedure?

There are a few important factors to take into consideration prior to undergoing treatment. Please read carefully and should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Cosmetic tattoos can last anything between one year to twenty plus years, dependant on the individuals skin and initial colours used. Retouch will be required at some point. Certain products and procedures, such as acid based (glycolics and AHA’S) products, Retinal, Peels, Sun exposure and laser treatments can fade tattoos. Colours change and fade over time. Even though the upmost care is taken in colour matching; taking all of the relevant factors into consideration, it can be hard to predict if one will have considerable complications with the colour. This is due to the fact that many different things such as the following can affect the final colour; – Client’s skin undertones – Medication and medical conditions – Skin care products used – Sun exposure – Acidic based products – Skins cellular composition – Failure to adhere to provided aftercare instructions. Black pigment (which is only used for the eyeliner tattoo on the face) often results in a bluey hue in cosmetic tattoo just like body tattoos. The bluey hue can come through over time or immediately. There is no way of predicting if or when this happens. Black pigment is never used on the eyebrows (for obvious reasons!). Colour bleeding in cosmetic tattooing is where the colour lightly spreads out of the designated area. Even though this rarely happens (in less than 1% of clients, in eyeliner or lips) it is important to be aware of this prior to the procedure. This is why we insist that clients should be calm and relaxed through procedure to ensure pigment is deposited at the correct angle. If you suffer from cold sores (the herpes virus) you should be aware that often a lip procedure induces a re-occurrence. This is because the herpes virus remains dormant in the body and comes through once stress is exerted on the body (e.g. cold and flus, mental stress…. And tattoos!). We suggest that you take preventative supplements such as Blackmores “L-Lysine” a couple of weeks prior to treatment. You can also use your usual medicated treatment, upon recommendation of your GP (e.g. Zovirax, Valtrex) upto two days prior to treatment and continue use for up to 4 days post treatment. The above should help prevent and also reduce the length of time a cold sore persists.Cold sores usually but not always result in loss of pigment in the affected area. On the routine adjustment appointment (6 weeks post treatment), this can be addressed. If you are or suspect that you are pregnant, suffer from medical conditions or are on any medication, it is important that you notify us prior to treatment. In some cases a letter from a GP will be required. Blood thinning medication, alcohol and diabetes are some of the reasons why we turn clients away.

How long will my Cosmetic Tattoo take to heal?

Make sure the area that is going to be tattooed is healthy, hydrated and at its optimum best as this will ensure rapid healing with the least complications. Healing time differs in individuals. It can be anything from 4 days to 14 days. The majority of clients resume work the next day and manage to keep their tattoos discreet. Dependent on the area tattooed, redness, dryness and minor swelling can occur. Swelling usually subsides within a couple of hours (except in full lip treatments where it can take up to 24 hours). Itchiness is the first sign of healing, please ensure you do not itch the area and keep the area moisturized as scabbing and itching will cause patchiness within the tattoo.

How Can Cosmetic Tattoo Enhance My Appearance?

Cosmetic tattoo will save you time and frustration, you look good 24 hours a day and you don't need much make-up any more. You can swim, sleep, perspire, have a sauna, play sport, wash your hair, eat and still look GREAT! It won't wash off and lasts for years. All the treatments are performed in hygienic conditions using the finest quality equipment.

What Are the Pigment Lotions?

The pigment used is based on Iron Oxide, a safe non-reactive substance. The pigment lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin. Pigment lotions are inorganic, excepting most of the lip colours, which are organic. A powder is suspended in a solution of distilled water and glycerine, which results in a smooth creamy liquid. There are 45 base colours to choose from and mixing colours can create more colours.

What Does It Look Like on the Skin?

It looks as if you applied a pencil a little softer and more muted. The colour immediately after the treatment will be stronger and darker for the first 7 days. You can lose approximately 20-40% of complete colour during the healing process within 4-14 days, excepting lip colour, which can fade by up to 80% during healing.

Who Can Benefit From Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments?

Eyebrows If you've over-plucked the hairs from your eyebrows If you have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back If you are suffering from Alopecia If you have visual problems If you want a particular shape for your eyebrows. Colour is implanted to your desired shape framing your eyes with a beautiful defined brow. Colour can be implanted in a solid line or with hair-like strokes for a softer look. Lips If you have no definite lip shape or lips that have lost their shape because of cold sores or injury If you have pale, sun-damaged or uneven lips If you'd like a definite lip shape to emphasise or enlarge your mouth - ideal for ladies with crease lines or ladies who have had lip augmentation Lip lining involves implanting colour in a fine line on the outer edge of the lips, giving a lovely shape to the mouth. Colour loss in all lip treatments is individual. If you suffer from cold sores you must take Lyscine or Cold Sore medication for one week prior to and following any lip treatment. Lip blending involves blending the colour from the lip line onto the lips. This can be the same colour as the lip line, to look natural, and is used to fill in white areas or to balance a crooked shape. Full lip Involves a lip line and your choice of colours - usually a natural shade that can be topped by a favourite lip colour or lip gloss. Eyes If you have oily skin that causes make-up to smear If you have small eyes that need definition and shape If you have poor eyesight or wear contact lenses If you like to wear eyeliner to enhance your eyes If care about your appearance and would like a better public look 24 hours a day Top and bottom eye line can be fine or wide, tapered or dotted in between lashes; giving the eyes beautiful definition and making eyelashes look thicker.

How many treatments are needed?

Two treatments are usually needed, at least 4-6 weeks apart. Sometimes just one treatment is sufficient. With most procedures, the colour fades dramatically after a week. For the second treatment, the practitioner gauges the colour retention and adds the required amount of pigment.

What Should I Expect Immediately After The Treatment?

With the new tattoo machine there is very little, if any, swelling or bleeding. The procedure is so benign that many women go back to work immediately. Immediately after treatment, the colour will appear darker than your chosen shade. This is because the pigment takes around 7 days to enter the deeper layers of the skin. After 7-10 exfoliation takes place. The top layer of the skin peels off, leaving a softer, lighter colour below. The result is a natural looking enhancement. As the treated area is settling down, itching may occur. This is a good sign as it means the skin is healing. Apply the recommended cream to the treated area for 7 days.

How Long Will The Treatment Last?

Permanent makeup can last several years. This depends on your skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle. Longevity of pigment also varies depending on how well your skin holds the pigment. We recommend a colour boost to be taken once a year to keep enhancements looking fresh. Should you choose not to have a yearly colour boost your enhancement will fade over a period of approximately 2 years. Lips and Eyeliners tend to last longer.

Are There Any Other Important Things I Should Know?

Many factors can affect the ultimate colour of the pigment in the skin - acid, oils in your skin, the pigment itself, neglecting to follow the home care Instructions. Prior to any tattoo, cosmetic or not, you need to be realistic about your expectations.

Eyebrow Tattooing FAQ

How do I decide on a colour for my Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo?

We take your natural eyebrow hair, complexion, eye colour and hair colour into consideration prior to recommendation. We also suggest you to bring your usual shade that you use to the appointment.

How do I decide on a shape for my Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo?

Usually we try to stick to your natural flow of eyebrows with minor tweaks as this will give the most natural result. But in saying that a reshape maybe required, here we usually ask the client to draw in their usual shape on one eyebrow and we will draw an ideal shape recommended on the other brow. This way you can see the difference and decide. When recommending we take skin, face and feature shape into consideration.

What will I look like immediately after Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo?

Eyebrows will immediately look more prominent, darker and more defined with a little bit of swelling and redness. Swelling and redness will subside within a few hours post tattooing. The colour will appear darker and stronger than the desired result; this will adjust over the healing time with up to 40% pigment loss experienced within the first 6 weeks.

When can I go back to work and how long will it take to heal?

Most clients return to work the very next day, still managing to keep their eyebrow tattoo discreet! Eyebrow tattoos usually start to heal pretty quickly without any complications (within four days), they will completely heal within 6 weeks. It is important to stick to the aftercare instructions to ensure rapid healing.

Eyeliner Tattooing FAQ

Does eyeliner cosmetic tattoo hurt?

The pain threshold of each individual is different, but it is a sensitive area. Topical anesthetic is used to help numb the pain.

What colours can I choose from for my eyeliner tattoo?

With eyeliner, we tend to recommend black, charcoal or brown. This depends on the individual; some people opt to choose a more vibrant colour (e.g. green or blue). Just remember trends change and tattoos are permanent.

What will it look like immediately after treatment?

Immediately after a lash line or an eyeliner tattoo, eyes will be a little red, swollen and agitated (almost like hayfeverish eyes). The eyeliner will be quite an intense colour with a wet look finish. It will also look much thicker than the desired result due to the swelling. The swelling will subside within a few hours; an ice pack can be used to aid relief of swelling.

When can I return to work and how long will it take to heal?

Eyeliner and lash line tattoos usually cause a little bit of swelling and redness. This usually subsides in a few hours and clients return to work the very next day. Daily care is essential to ensure the healing is at its optimum best, it generally takes 6 weeks for the eyes to completely heal.

Lip Tattooing FAQ

What colour do I choose for my lip tattoo?

Usually colour consultations help solve this issue. We decide on a colour depending on the desired result, skin tone, complexion and original lip tone. If correcting lips shape without enhancement, we try to closely match your lip colour. Be aware that when correcting we usually tattoo other parts of the lip to help the colour blend and match. When undergoing a lip correction, the tattooed colour initially will differ from the rest of the lip, but within 6 weeks of healing, pigment is lost and colour will be similar to lip. Full lip tattoos will lose up to half of their pigment, this is important to remember as when it is initially done it will look much brighter, darker and deeper than intended.

What will it look like immediately after treatment?

Your lips will be quite swollen, especially if you opted for the block. Swelling will only last for the first few hours where ice can also help reduce this time. Colour will be quite bright and the tattooed area a little sore (it’ll look and feel as though it has been scratched). Ice and ointment will help releave any discomfort.

When can I return to work and how long does it take to heal?

After a lip blend or a lip liner tattoo, you can generally return to work the very next day. Full lip tattoos tend to require an extra day for the swelling to subside, and a small percentage of clients experience minor bruising. Most patients experience dry/itchy lips that can be aided with the after care ointment. Sun protection is essential. It generally takes 8 weeks for a lip tattoo to completely heal.

What People Say

Trish Power

Rhiannon has done many tattoos on me over the last few years, including micro-blading of my eyebrows. It feels great to have eyebrows again. She always tints my eyelashes with the service as well and is very reasonably riced on both tattoos and cosmetic tattoos.

Lucy Vucas

Rhiannon has tattooed my eyebrows twice now and I am very happy with the results. I felt like I had "John Howard" eyebrows before Rhiannon waxed, shaped and tattooed my eyebrows. I also love the complementary eyelash tint every time I visit. I brought my sister-in-law to my appointment once, and she also gave her a complementary eyelash tint too. She does a great job and i will continue to always use her.

Cate Teece

My daughter recommended Rhiannon, and I have since recommended her to my sister. Rhiannon did a wonderful job on my eyebrows. I had such thin light blonde hair you could barely notice I had anything. Rhiannon carefully selected a colour to complement my skin tone