Legal Age

You must be over 18  years of age by Queensland law. Photographic Identification such as a Drivers Licence or Passport is required by ALL clients. A photocopy of your identification will be taken on the day of your procedure as well as a completed Tattoo Consent Form. For your convenience the Tattoo Consent Form is available for download. Please Note: You will receive this form for completion on the day of your procedure and have it witnessed, therefore it is not necessary to pre-print this form.




How do you charge? How long will it take? Our prices vary depending on each artist, type of tattoo, size, position, colour or grey scale. It takes as long as it takes and will cost accordingly. You can discuss this further with the artist at your consultation. We require a drawing fee for all artwork for tattoos. In addition, we require a deposit prior to your tattoo as well as full payment on the day of your appointment. We respect your acceptance of this policy.



Please bring in good quality images printed on paper and reference material. The more you bring the more satisfied you will be with the results.



We love appointments being made via phone, email or website contact as they are direct, easy and time savvy.



Minimum deposit is $100 for small tattoos and $300 for day sessions. Your deposit will be taken off the total cost of the sitting. Deposits are non-refundable if company policy is not followed: 48hours notice of cancellation. We respect your acceptance of this policy.



We accept cash and credit card payments. Credit Card payments do incur a 3% surcharge. 



48hrs notice must be given over the phone or your deposit will be forfeited. A new deposit will have to be made before your next appointment.


Anything We Will Not Tattoo?

People under 18 years, pregnant women, racist tattoos, face, neck, hands, feet and people with bad attitudes.


Alcohol and Drugs

No drugs or alcohol are allowed in the tattoo studio. It’s illegal. Please make sure you eat a couple of hours before your sitting as it will help your body adjust.



Good personal hygiene rocks, we love it. Please take a shower before visiting.



Please refer to our aftercare page for more information.


Visit the QLD government health website here for further information



Tattoo Concent Form