Soothing Facials

Skin, its your bodies largest organ, and so rightly should be taken care of with great pride. Indulge and enjoy one of our soothing face or body treatments to exfoliate dead skin cells and bring back the smooth, bright and glowing youthfulness of your natural beauty.

Soothing Facials

Non- Surgical Face Lift

Price: $109 Duration: 60 minutes Rejuvinate your skin with a sensational non-surgical face lift. Physically feel your skin tightening and see dark cicles lift with a rejuvinating non-surgical face lift

Sensitized Skin Treatment

Price: $79 Duration: 60 minutes Ideal for people with sensitive skin, this rejuvinating skin treatment sooths and smooths in a 60 minute treatment.

Ultimate Deluxe Treatment - 180 min $249

Price: $249 Duration: 180 minutes Spoil yourself, your face and decolletage with an incredibly luxurious facial with fresh fruits and vegetables. This facial involves pre-clensing the skin, skin peel exfoliation, non-surgical face lift, seasonal fruit or vegetable rejuviination and a moisturinsing facial massage to finish.

Body Treatments

Eare Candeling

Price: $20 Duration: 35 minutes

Salt Glow Exfoliation

Price: $89 Duration: 45 minutes Indulge in a full body exfoliation with a blend of sea salts and aromatic essential oil blends to scrape away a build up of dead skin cells, to reveal soft, smooth, glowing skin. This treatment includes a light massage of moisturiser to rejuvinate the skin.

Hand & Feet Parafin Treatment

Price: $59 Duration: 45 minutes Treat your bodies hardest working limbs to rejuvinating hand and feet exfoliation, followed by a soft parafin wax dipping to soften and smooth tired hands and feet.