Think Before You Ink

10 Questions to ask yourself, before you get a tattoo.


1. Can I accept that there will be some level of pain involved?

2. Am I comfortable knowing that a tattoo will become a permanent part of my body?

3. Do I accept that, even under ideal circumstances, there may be health risks involved?

4. While some people may love my tattoo, others may not. Can I accept potential tattoo criticisms as part of my life?


5. Am I aware of my own reasons for wanting a tattoo?

6. Are there alternatives to a tattoo that would better satisfy my dreams to get a tattoo?

7. Do I understand that my tattoo will change in appearance over time?

8. Am I willing to educate myself and do the required research needed for the best tattoo experience?

9. Am I willing to take full responsibility for the final outcome of my tattoo and for my tattoo experience?

10. Does the decision to get tattooed feel like my own decision? Or are there other external influences that might be pressuring me?